Standardized Testing

Each spring we administer the Iowa Test of Basic Skills to students in first through eighth grades. It is one of the top assessment tests in the United States and provides the school with a method to monitor each student’s mastery of skills to create individualized education plans.

One of the major academic objectives at ECS is to enable students to work up to their ability. Generally speaking, there are three levels of education: “boredom” and “frustration” at the extremes, and “instructional”, which is the goal. The ideal educational environment is one where each student has the opportunity to learn at his or her “instructional” level.

We are very pleased that our students are so successful. However, we do not want to make the mistake of over-emphasizing test scores. They are just one part of a big picture. When considered together with other methods of assessment, they are very useful. Continuous evaluation of our teaching methods and curricula helps us to maintain, and even improve, the level of instruction that we offer the students of Emporia Christian School.

If you have any input or questions regarding our educational programs, please don’t hesitate to call. Thank you!

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